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Finding the right mattress is important not only for comfort, but also to ensure you have correct, sufficient spinal alignment. You need the right amount of support to prevent your spine from curving or bending during your sleep. We stock a range of mattresses offering you equal weight distribution, avoiding aches and pains.

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Find extra support with our orthopaedic mattresses

Our orthopaedic mattresses offer great, added support to your joints. We recommend these to our customers who are unable to sleep without pain, those recovering from injury, the elderly, and others who just need that extra bit of support. Look forward to a more comfortable night's sleep - ask our team in-store to show you our brilliant range of orthopaedic mattresses.


Open Coil or Pocket Sprung?

Open coil is the most commonly found mattress, which contains springs that are inter-connected inside. These are affordable, provide excellent support, are comfortable, and come in all sizes and gauges. Excellent with a memory foam topper!

​Pocket-sprung mattresses offer more support as they consist of individual springs working independently of each other. These are perfect if shared with another person.

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Our team is well-clued up on what mattress will work best for you, ensuring you get the relaxing, refreshing night's sleep that you deserve. Come see us at our factory showroom at The Bed Store, Chester or give us a call today.

As well as mattresses we also stock a wide range of beds. From divans and wooden to metal and bunk beds, we have the whole family sorted when it comes to finding the right bed. We also stock beds that double up as great storage solutions!

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